Project Update #49: The Biweekly Kickstarter Update’s Bloody Terror: 1/21/2013

Happy Martin Luther King day, Larryettes. How is it that these updates always seem to fall on holidays?

We’re working pretty furiously and starting to get very excited. I’m going to keep it very short this week and cover a few more questions we’ve been getting.

The Alpha is coming! We are estimating two weeks ‘til the Alpha build.

Linux. Yes, we are definitely coming out with a Linux version. It may not be “Day One,” but we’re doing it. We’re considering the degree to which we can use our Linux-friendly Kickstarter patrons as testers; obviously they will be helping us to some degree, but we also have to figure out how much professional testing it will require.

Music is coming in fast and furious from Austin Wintory, and so far I’m adoring what I’m hearing…and that’s just the synth versions. It’s all going to be recorded with live instruments before it goes in the game. Austin and I are also working on a little surprise. Say no more.

The backgrounds are almost all done; the only remaining ones are a couple locations in the Casino, and the close-ups of Fawn, Faith, Jasmine, and Eve (which Colin is taking the most time with, seeing as how important they are to the game).

The text, too, is almost done; all I have left to work on are those locations that don’t have backgrounds, plus the inventory-on-inventory (which won’t be voiced, so as long as it’s done in enough time for the translators, it’ll be easy to slip into the game).

We won’t be able to afford foreign language voiceovers right out of the gate. But it’s on our “most wanted” list of additional features, should the game be popular enough to allow us to budget it as an add-on.

Lastly, I want to alert all Sierra fans to a new upcoming Kickstarter project: ex-Sierra composer Ken Allen (who did some of Sierra’s greatest music) is producing an album, Under the Half Dome, based on music from his computer game composing career…from 1989 to 1996. (By the way, Ken is also doing the soundtrack for the Two Guys’ upcoming SpaceVenture.) The Kickstarter hasn’t begun quite yet, but I believe it’s scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, January 22nd! For the moment, you can follow it at (Ken’s project blog), or on his Facebook page at This is a huge deal for Ken’s fans (like me) and lovers of the best of Sierra’s golden years.

Back to work! Teambox awaits!