Hero-U Update #24

For those interested in Katherine Owens’s testimonial in last night’s Update, Katherine has posted a longer version with more of her story at http://digitalspiritguide.com/gaming-and-heroism-how-video-games-changed-my-life-for-the-better/.

One of our fans made a terrific 3D model of Spielburg based on the Quest for Glory 1 VGA version. Check out his work at http://questfor3dproject.wordpress.com/images/.

New Add-Ons Available

We’ve had a number of requests for new add-ons, so we’ve added some new art and music options. We’ve also had questions about add-ons and how to change your pledge.

Both are handled by clicking the blue, “Manage My Pledge” button near the top right of the project page.  Clicking this button allows you to change the dollar amount of your pledge, as well as your chosen reward tier.  The two do not need to match.  You may pledge any amount equal to, or higher than, the minimum for the reward tier.

Why would you want to do that?  For one thing, you will be helping the project to succeed.  Every dollar you add to your pledge brings us a dollar closer to making our goal.  Your pledge is a vote for the style of gaming Lori and I make – an adventure game that also features strong role-playing elements, an intriguing story, interesting characters, and challenging puzzles and mysteries to solve.

Many of our backers have chosen to “join the Adventurers’ Guild, Local 589” (or AGL 589 for short). All of the members of AGL 589 have voluntarily added $5.89 to their pledge without counting it towards a reward tier or add-on. These additional pledges help us reach the goal, and will be a valuable addition to the project budget when our Kickstarter is funded.

Second, we have a number of tempting add-ons on the main project page.  To get one or more of the add-ons, increase your pledge, but do not change your reward tier.  When the project closes, we will send a questionnaire to all backers. If you added extra to your pledge, that will be your chance to tell us what add-ons you would like to get.

If you choose any of the physical add-ons, please be sure to add the appropriate amount for shipping. This is explained in detail on the main project page.

Here are the new virtual add-ons (no shipping charge):

  • $10: NEW – Downloadable game music soundtrack
  • $10: NEW – Art book PDF
  • $20: NEW – Set of 4 high-resolution game art images in PDF

NOTE: The first two are included in the $35 and higher tiers. Order one if you are at the $20 tier and only want one of the two items, or if you are at any tier and want an extra copy to give to a friend.

New physical add-ons (shipping charges apply, the 4 art print add-on counts as a single item for shipping purposes):

  • $10: NEW: Meep keychain
  • $20: NEW: “Erana’s Tribute” poster 11″x17″ (art without poem)
  • $50: NEW: Set of four 11″x17″ poster prints of Hero-U game art

The art prints are different from the “school art on canvas” print that Master Rogues (and above) will receive.

Check out the main project page for many other add-on choices and shipping charge information. They are right under the “Fat Loots” sheep.

Incidentally, feel free to download free wallpapers from the hero-u site: http://www.hero-u.net/hero-u-game-media.html#wallpapers.  Here is a video Lori made from one of the images there and from Alistair Gillett’s version of the Erana’s Peace theme in Hero’s Quest (original theme composed by Mark Seibert).

How Is Hero-U Different from Other Adventure Games

Lori answered this question for the Gaming on Linux site. I think her answer is of interest to all of our backers and potential backers.

In the first place, Adventure/RPGs are a very rare breed indeed. We were the first to design them with our QfG series. Japanese RPGs could be called Adventure/RPGs because they have strong stories and characters. But I don’t know of anyone actually using the classification of Adventure/RPG other than us right now.

But story-telling is ingrained in human nature. We love stories. That’s why movies and books continue to entertain people all over the world. RPGs are direct descendents of tabletop D&D games that combined story-telling with character progression and action. We want to create games that are fun experiences with meaningful stories, characters you care about, and excitement.

There isn’t a lot of excitement in most Adventure Games. There aren’t too many quirky characters in RPG games – they tend to take themselves very seriously.

Quest for Glory was an Adventure Game with Role-playing elements. It took advantage of the strengths of Sierra On-Line’s talents and resources. Hero-U will have more Role-playing elements – more exploration of caverns, dungeons, and catacombs. The player will have the ability to shape Shawn’s character and his destiny by making critical choices and improving Shawn’s skills by practice and study. Unlike the real-time combat of Quest for Glory, Hero-U will have tactical combat where you can treat each combat like a chess match where you plot your moves carefully, a fast-action skill vs. skill, or find ways to never come in direct combat with your opponent. We want the player to feel completely in charge of Shawn’s fate.

Hero-U will be a unique game with humor, story, adventure, action, and perhaps even romance. It will touch the heart and it will make you smile. What’s not to like?