Hero-U Update #22

Eriq Chang has completely revised the Hero-U web site.  It now has a lot more information about the game and the process of making it.  It also has a lot more recent concept art for those who have been wondering about the art style.

Visit the new site at http://www.hero-u.net/.

We’ve passed 4,650 backers and just need to raise $87K to reach the goal.  We’re on our way!

Adventure-Treff just posted my article on “Adventure and Role-Playing – They’re Better Together”. Click the article title for a link to the English version, or edit “lang=en” to “lang=de” for the German version. In the  article, I explain why Quest for Glory and Hero-U are hybrid games with both adventure and role-playing game features.  They’re just better that way.

Several people have commented that they liked the more in-depth approach of the Quest Log article I posted yesterday.  If you would like to read more of my thoughts on gaming, game development, and success, this index lets you find any article in the Quest Log: http://www.theschoolforheroes.com/questlogindex.php