Backers Website going live for SpaceVenture!

Hey everyone!

We are excited to announce that the official SpaceVenture backers website is going live! Woa slow down there SpaceVenturer, before you get to excited, please be sure to read all of this post carefully.

We are adding thousands of user accounts into the website database. All of these accounts have to be put into proper groups so you guys all have access to the digital content goodness you came here for. Some of you will get your log on info sooner than others, please continue to be patient and give us time to get everyone added. Once you’ve been added you’ll receive an email containing log on info and password.

There is very little content on the website at the moment. We have a lot that will be added but want to make sure the account creation process for everyone goes smoothly first! Please give us a few days to get everyone added. Please do not attempt to manually create an account as this could disrupt the creation process.

Don’t forget to spread the word so we can meet some of the new stretch goals that are available! Thanks so much everyone!