Kickin’ It With Chris!

Announcing “Kickin it up with Chris”

Join Chris Pope on a very regular LIVE audio chat about the remaining two weeks of the Kickstarter.

Many of you guys have asked questions like..

  • What could I do that could best help the campaign?
  • Gosh guys, you sure are swell, any chance you could put [insert amazingly cool geeky item here] as a reward at [insert tier level here]?
  • What if you guys [insert something that is probably illegal here] for your Kickstarter campaign? Wouldn’t that help you?

These are just a few of the questions we get asked all the time. Well, now is your chance to get some answers!

NOTE: We have quite a few live hangouts with Scott and Mark planned over the next few days, just wait and see! “Kickin it up with Chris” is a chance to talk about improving the campaign and how we can get everyone involved in making the SpaceVenture become a reality.

Come join us here at 3pm PST / 6pm EST (5/29/12)