Moebius Shirts!

Jane shared:

The Moebius t-shirts are here! The Moebius logo and shirt design is by Eriq Chang of Fable Foundry. The Moebius puzzle block is by artist Anders Eriksen of Doghead Studios.

A funny thing happened on the way to this t-shirt… Eriq did an initial design using a square-shaped black and white graphic that I had given as a style reference. The final design was great but, unfortunately, I didn’t own the rights to that square image. But something about that image stuck with me… it felt like a puzzle. So I sat down and wrote out what became the Moebius puzzle block.

The Moebius puzzle block will be a puzzle in the game. This is something that the ego will find, perhaps in a manuscript or file (and yes, the style of it is different than the style of the main game, which will be like Andy’s image). Anyway, I’m excited about how it turned out and, damn, it does look good on that t-shirt! And it’ll be handy if you like people to stare at your chest for long periods of time.

T-shirt and Moebius puzzle block below along with the original Farm CSG shirt. At the $100 and up levels you will get your CHOICE of t-shirt.

If you are pledging at the $100 and up levels and will receive one of these shirts, please take this Poll about your preferences:

Moebius T-Shirt
Farm CSG T-Shirt
Moebius Puzzle Block