“That’s me. Gabriel Knight.”

Could this mean, what we all think and hope it means?

Read about it here.

From Jane Jensen:

This morning I awoke and sat down at my computer with coffee. On my screen were two skype messages from people saying “Congratulations!”. It took a moment to register, then I opened up kickstarter. YES! We had just passed $300K, thanks to many increased pledges and new donors over the past few days and one $10K backer with impeccable timing.

I feel relief, a bit of shock and disbelief, gladness — but mostly gratitude and humility. It’s amazing that we can say, “Hey, guys, how about investing in a wouldn’t-it-be-cool-if?” and people are willing to play along. THANK YOU.

Bob is flying back from a Scarlet Furies gig in CA this weekend, and I want to wait til he’s here to do a video update. But I did dig out some old treasures recently, and this seems a good time to share them with you. HAPPY SUNDAY!