To Space… And Beyond! Or However That Saying Goes…

It’s a good time to be an “Old School” Sierra Fan. It started with Al Lowe and Josh Mandel working on a Kickstart campaign to get a retooled Leisure Suit Larry 1. Then, Jane Jensen of Gabriel Knight fame (who has, by the way put out a new game entitled GRAY MATTER – check it out – NOW!), announced she would be launching her own company called Pinkerton Road where she would work on new games; and we all hoped, perhaps, if the company does well, barter with Activision (who holds the rights to Gabriel Knight)… But even if that doesn’t happen, Gray Matter is amazing, and a sequel would be a VERY welcomed process (especially entirely up to Jane’s commands, with no other company breathing down her neck!). Life can’t get any better right?


As it turns out, in space… no one can hear you scream in fits of JOY!

That’s right! The Two Guys From Andromeda are back together! While they may not be working on a new Space Quest game, they are working on a new Space-venture game!

Check out their new site: